The World's Game In The Heart of the Sun Belt

Welcome to AtlantaSoccerNews.Net!

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My name is Wendy Parker, and I am the creator, writer and managing editor of AtlantaSoccerNews.Net. The subtitle of this site: “The World’s Game in the Heart of the Sun Belt,” sums up the focus of what I explore here. I think it’s kind of catchy too!

For more than a decade I covered the full range of soccer teams, activities and personalities in the Atlanta area and beyond for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This region has a vast and vibrant soccer scene, but it’s been hard to pull together, especially in a primary news and information source. I want to make AtlantaSoccerNews.Net that source and hope readers will contribute to the growth and vitality of this site as I go along.

A very important disclaimer to make: This site is not to be confused with AtlantaSoccerNews.Com, with which I have no affiliation and which has a very different objective from my own.

What you read here is a mix of links to other sites related to Atlanta soccer — league registrations, tournament results, ticket sales, etc. — and my own reporting and commentary on larger themes and events. In all posts, I fully attribute every source of information, either by naming or directly linking to those sites. Sometimes I do both.

This is an acceptable and ethical practice by bloggers of all types, and my goal in doing this is to serve as a conduit to help you locate news and information about soccer in Atlanta. That’s why I also link to a wide range of Atlanta soccer organizations, associations and sites on the blogroll to the right. If there’s a site that you think I should include here, let me know.

My name is at the top of each post and I make it my personal responsibility to ensure that what goes under it is helpful, enjoyable and obtained with the highest journalistic standards.

Nothing you read on AtlantaSoccerNews.Net is done with spamming in mind, simply to reach the top of search engine rankings. Of course, this practice is highly valuable to content scrapers but it’s absolutely worthless to readers, and it’s a lousy way to build community. It turns them off and confuses them.

While it is important to be noticed, I want my site to be a place where readers can come to find out what is happening in the Atlanta soccer community, comment if they choose and use it as a resource if they wish.

I take the view that authentically fostering discussion in and about the Atlanta soccer community — or at least giving it a virtual place to congregate — is more valuable in the long run than simply aiming for the highest number of page views.

So if you like AtlantaSoccerNews.Net, please let your friends know about it and join in the conversation about soccer in Atlanta. The sport has come a long way over the years, and especially in the 15 years since I began to write about it.

During my newspaper days, I started out writing about the Atlanta Ruckus and Silverbacks and also chronicled the Atlanta Beat and the Women’s United Soccer Association. For several years I compiled a weekly soccer notebook for the AJC, and covered the 1999 and 2003 Women’s World Cups and the 2002 men’s World Cup for the newspaper as well.

That soccer landscape certainly has changed, both here in Atlanta and elsewhere. I’m excited to track all the latest developments and provide news, commentary and other information on the sport in this community that you cannot find anywhere else.

Please feel free to contact me at with questions, corrections, tips and story ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.