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U.S. formalizes World Cup bid

The “book” has been handed over in Zurich, by U.S. defender Carlos Bocanegra, and into the hands of the folks at FIFA who in December will choose the host countries for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments.

Atlanta, of course, is one of the 18 venue cities included in the bid, both for games as as the city for an international broadcast center. The World Cup draw would be held in Miami with the opening match in the montrous House That Jerry Jones Built in the Big D.

The BBC breaks down the bidding field of nations, including the oddsmakers’ lines. They’re not so good for the U.S. in 2018, but there isn’t a line for the Yanks in ’22. What’s up with that?

Of course, if it is later rather than sooner, maybe Arthur Blank will have a new Falcons stadium.

If the Brits don’t get the World Cup in ’18, after the Beckham Factor on display in Switzerland, then they’re never going to get it again. Jeez, even The Daily Telegraph gives him some op-ed space for all this

And these “books” look about as thick as Congressional legislation, don’t they? Will Sepp Blatter and the Lords of FIFA be inclined go through these any more than the garden variety Capitol Hill backbencher?

After all, Josep has publicly said he does like the bid by Qatar, for the purely political reason of having the World Cup in the Arab world, and therefore expanding his geographical power base from one end of Asia to another.

You know where to keep up with the Atlanta World Cup efforts at its Web site and Facebook page. Here’s a list of local tournaments, festivals and other events in Atlanta tied to the bid effort.

And here’s the U.S. bid’s promo video that may or not get a look in Zurich with decision day less than seven months away:

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1 Andi { 10.14.15 at 4:11 pm }

FIFA takes years. Only buy a new FIFA game every 2-4 years, I still feel lost, because the only new thgnis were explained. This is very frustrating, (granted, so players rarely, in fact, it is a skill that not only get rid of you), especially in online games, I wait a couple of comments, but they are (for example) thgnis maybe let me buy it. I wonder why it has taken so long to bring natural other games.

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