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How will movie reflect the ‘Fugees’ experience?

I haven’t spent much time on this site writing about the Clarkston-based Fugees, largely because their story isn’t entirely about soccer, and because others have done such a terrific job on this topic.

The latest comes from Andrew Guest on the Pitch Invasion site, who serves up some sensational background about the forthcoming movie based on Warren St. John’s “Outcasts United” book. But will it tell the deeper story of what these soccer-playing refugee youths symbolize?

“Ultimately, the appeal of stories such as that of soccer amongst refugee children in Clarkston is that simplified versions allow for the comforting validation of our irrational beliefs. We want to believe that the challenges posed by immigration and ‘super-diversity’ are easily solved with a few heroic people and programs. We want to believe that if not for the benevolent intervention of sponsors poor immigrant children would suffer silent lives deprived of play. We want to believe that soccer has a special power to unite people — to bring Landon and Cuauhtémoc together for long slow walks on the beach. For the most part ‘Outcasts United’ makes it clear that it is not that simple.”


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